Cup Cakes, A Simple Cup Cake Recipe Start

Cup cakes are delicious treats that can be enjoyed on pretty much any occasion, such as birthdays, parties, get togethers, and holidays. These cakes are fun, fast, and easy to make, and can be flavored and decorated in many different ways to suit the individual tastes of the people who will be eating them.

A simple cup cake recipe starts with getting all the ingredients together you will need to make these little pastries. As far as hardware goes, you will need a baking tray made for cup cakes, paper trays in which to put the cupcake batter in, and an oven, be it a large oven or a toaster oven. Ingredients to make the cup cake recipe are sugar, baking powder, shortening, milk, flour, vanilla and eggs, but you may find that it’s simpler for you to just use a cake mix instead. Finally, frosting needs to be prepared to be spread over the cupcakes. Recipes for frosting are out of the scope of this article about cup cake recipes, but if you search the web or your grocery store you can find some recipes or good preprepared frosting. With all of the ingredients together, you’re ready to actually begin baking!

To actually prepare the cup cake recipe, begin by preheating the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine all the dry ingredients, as in, 1 1/3 cups of sugar, 3 teaspoons of baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 2 1/4 cups of flour. Once that is done, add 1/2 cup of shortening, 1 teaspoon of vanilla and 1 cup of milk. If vanilla is not available, you can easily substitute it with the same amount of maple syrup. Beat the new mixture for one minute, making sure to get everything off the sides before continuing. Now add the eggs, and beat the mixture for one minute again. You can now add any other flavors that you may like, such as chocolate. Pour the completed mixture into the baking tray, making sure not to forget to add the paper liners to the tray so that the cupcakes will have something to bake in and can be easily removed after being done baking. Depending on the size of the cupcakes in the tray, they may need to bake for different times, but generally 20 to 25 minutes should result in perfect cupcakes. If unsure, check periodically with a toothpick. When the toothpick comes cleanly out of the center, the cup cakes are finally complete!

Cup cakes are quick and delicious treats that the whole family will appreciate and that can be made with relatively few ingredients. Experiment with different flavors and frostings, and you will find that this humble recipe will never get boring


Cup Cakes & Cakes of All Types

Cake mix is a wonderful thing. Although some would argue that “from scratch” is always better, you can also create scrumptious indulgences with pre-packaged cake mixes like Betty Crocker and White Wings. On the box are always easy baking tips and recipes to modify any mix. You can also get creative and experiment with your own inspirations.

Pre-packaged cake mixes can be used for cup cake recipes simply by baking in cup cake tins with paper or foil liners. Layer cakes, bundt cakes, oblong, square, or moulded pans of any shape can all be used by following package directions for different baking times.

Some cake mixes come with directions on the box to make sandwich cookies from the mix using frosting as filling. These cookies have a cake-like texture and are quite delicious. Basic carrot cake mixes generally include directions on the box for adding carrots, pineapple, nuts, and coconut.

Any yellow or butter cake can be transformed into a pineapple upside-down cake when you arrange pineapple slices, cherries, butter, and brown sugar on the bottom of a 13 x 9′ pan and then cover with mix. After baking and cooling, invert the pan on a platter and remove the cake.

Easy baking tips include adding unusual extracts to a cake mix. Amaretto, almond, anise, or coconut essence gives a new twist to white cakes. Mocha, hazelnut, or maple add depth to chocolate cakes and cup cake recipes. Butter cakes take on new expression with banana, eggnog, lemon, or pineapple flavouring. Use your imagination!
Another way to create with cake mix is to add extras like chocolate chips or chopped nuts. On the cake mix box is a toll-free number to call if you have questions. Call the number for recipe modifications. Generally when adding something like chocolate chips, you’ll need to adjust the amount of water. The experts on the hot line will be happy to give you specifics.

Create a yummy confection when you bake a cake mix in two 9′ round pans. After cooling, use a bread knife to slice the rounds into four layers. Prepare flavoured instant pudding like pistachio as a filling, spread between layers, then frost top and sides. Chill until serving.

Try this easy butter cake recipe for a simple and crowd-pleasing treat:

Combine 1 box yellow or butter cake mix, 1 egg, 1 stick melted butter and spread in lightly greased 13 x 9′ pan. Beat 8 oz. soft cream cheese until smooth, add 1 stick melted butter, 1 tsp. vanilla, and 2 eggs. Beat until smooth. Add one 16 oz. box powdered sugar, mix well, and spread on top of cake batter. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 – 50 minutes. The middle will be soft. Don’t over bake!

Starting A Cupcake Business – Is It The Suited Business For You?

Have you ever gone to a wedding, birthday or baby shower where cupcakes were served, and thought you could do a better job baking and decorating cupcakes for parties. Then starting a cupcake business may be just the vocation for you!

Cupcakes have increased in popularity in modern times so starting a cupcake business is the ideal way to come in on the newest rage. There are so many occassions to choose from including children’s birthday cupcakes, wedding cupcakes, baby shower cupcakes and cupcake displays.

When starting a cupcake business there are several things that have to be considered.

Begin with determining your business strategy. The initial decision is where you plan to open. Will it be a store front or do you intend to operate from a kitchen and make deliveries in person or by post? A shop front will need a location with heavy foot traffic, whereas a private-based kitchen site will need a separate sort of promotion to establish your client base.

A business plan then needs to be created.

A business plan is a formal presentation that includes start-up costs, marketing, overheads and projected earnings. This is required in a formal layout if you plan to pursue investors or financing, either when firstly starting a cupcake business, or in the future if you want to extend your business.

Your next step is to apply for your permits and licensing. This includes creating a corporation, LLC or registering your business as a DBA (doing business as). Food products are regulated by your state and local authorities. Your preparation area will be required to pass an examination by the Department of Health.

Selecting and testing your recipes and designs is the subsequent step in the process. This could be the easiest step as your passion is what got you to this point in the first place. Customers enjoy baked goods that are made from scratch. There is also a increasing market for gluten-free products, unprocessed baked goods and healthier desserts. Its crucial to test and assess your cupcake selectionand make adjustments based on what flavours sell and what don’t.

The last step to get your cupcake business off the ground is successful promotion. You have to get your cupcakes in front of customers. Take samples to local businesses, set up a table at events, fairs and farmer’s markets. Take out advertising with pictures of your cupcakes and prices. If you are promoting on the Web you will require a site with excellent SEO qualities to get your business ranked high in the search engines.

Starting a cupcake business is a means of creating extra income on a part time basis from home.

Then as your business grows you can open a cupcake store and sell your cupcakes direct to customers. It all comes down to what you would like!

Things You Need to Prepare Cup Cakes

In earlier times cup cakes were made in heavy pottery cups. Even in present day also these are made in pottery cups or coffee mugs by some bakers. There was a time when muffin cups were not available and people used pottery cups to bake the cup cakes. So inherently the name derives from of being baked in a cup size mold. Because of the fanciful description and design of the cake it is known as fairy cake too. The other main difference is that these are made by measuring the volume unlike the normal desserts which are measured as per weight. Usually these are baked in tins or loaves. The cupcakes baked in kitchen are also known as quarter cakes.

The materials used in making the cup cakes are butter, sugar, flour and eggs. One can prepare these cakes at home and they would taste even greater. You can also buy these from your favorite bakery. Those who are allergic to eggs can avoid using eggs in the cakes and can use gel from edible agar to make the cake. One can also use different materials which are edible to decorate the cup cakes.

Even if you are not a professional cook, you can bake cup cakes at your home. You can add chocolate flavor to make chocolate cup-cake and also you can add grated small pieces of coconuts to give it a taste of original coconut. There are different variants of these cakes depending on the size and the ingredients used in the cup cakes. Another type of it is the butterfly cake. It is called so because it has wings like projections. Another type is a cake ball and forms a portion of the cake. Mixture of crumbled cake mixed with frosting makes this type of cake.

You can add carrot pieces and cashew to make the taste of the cake exotic. Once you have made cupcakes you can send it to your friends and relatives. Sprinkles are decorations on the cup cakes which simulate the decorations on a large cake. You can put the cakes in a decorated small box and then send it to your friends. However you should use good packaging material so that the cupcakes are not wasted while they are transported. You can also put a level of handle with care on the box carrying the cupcakes.

A Wonderful Place Called Cup Cake Boutique

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